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Mpesu Products

Mpesu Libido Booster 20 grams

Venda Powder for men


-Put 1 teaspoon of Mpesu in hot water in a cup and drink everything once cool.


You can also prepare Mpesu whole packet…

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Mpesu Libido Booster Instant

Just add water and drink on the day of activity

-Allow 4 hours before activity after taking Mpesu, some

have reported Mpesu working in 2 hours



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Mpesu Libido Booster 50 grams

Venda Powder for men


-Put 1 teaspoon of Mpesu in hot water in a cup and drink everything once cool.


You can also prepare Mpesu (2 spoons) i…

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Mpesu Capsules

30 Capsules


Drink once daily, allow a week after consumption for effects

Mpesu Capsules

60 capsules

Take a capsule a day, allow a week after consumption for effects

Mpesu for women

Lena ke mama yenza istofu sibe ku 6!!!

Mixed with special herbs for women that cleanse you from inside ube nogazi uthandeke endodeni, infact ikhona "n…

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Collagen with Baobab Powder

Benefits of Collagen with Baobab
-Remove blemishes, pigmentation, and dark patches  
-Deep cleanses and prevents acne buildup  
-Firm skin and…

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Izifozonke Liquid 1litre is a powerful blend of African herbs, vitamins and nutrients to help the body resist disease and improve general well-being.…

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How to make Mpesu powder

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Maketha ibhizinisi lakho mahhala kule website picture

Sinikeza ithuba kosomabhizinisi abasezindaweni zasemakhaya ithuba lokumaketha amabhizinisi abo kulenkundla,

Sibhalele ku 0767385285, usazise:


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Business ideas & tips noLwazi ngesiZulu

Dayisa iMpesu picture

Dayisa iMpesu

By Nomusa Precious Buthelezi ·
Mar 16, 2022

Uma ufuna ukwenza imali ungajoyina ama Mpesupreneurs uzizuzele imali yakho.


Iqiniso ukuthi abantu bazibandakanya ocansini nsuku zonke 💯 


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How to start a business with R350 picture

How to start a business with R350

By Nomusa Precious Buthelezi ·
Feb 24, 2022

Do you need to start a business with limited start up capital? Are you tired of not having a job and not being able to meet your daily financial need…

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Mpesu-prenuer Resellers opportunity- Make 100% profit! picture

Truth is people are having sex everyday 💯 

and some have sexual problems ❌ 

that you can provide a solution for ☑


Earn from your community …

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Customer testimonials

Jonas- Free State

"It has been a pleasure dealing with a young business person who values peoples time"


I love the products and great response especially using PAxi delivery, updates are timeous and honest

Dwinky Mbatha

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About us

Mpesupreneur is a one-stop online store for all Mpesu needs.

We focus on :

 Health & Wellbeing of enhanced sexual performance natural herbs for both men and women

We also encourage entrepreneurship by providing aspiring individuals with bulk supply on our Mpesupreneur resellers offers!



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"If you really wanna do something, you will find a way. If you don't want to, you will find an excuse" Always remember this, everyday. Yours truly -Nomusa

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